Meet The Saints

As the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) tells us …


The saints have a special place in the Body of Christ.  Through Christ, we on earth remain in communion with the saints and ask the saints to pray for us. Through their prayers of intercession, the saints play an integral role in the life of the Church on earth.  The saints, the members of the Church who have arrived at perfect union with Christ, join their wills to the will of God in praying for those in the Church who are still on their pilgrimage of faith.
Besides what the saints can do for us by their prayers, the very practice of venerating the saints does great good for those who are devoted to the saints. By practicing love of the saints we strengthen the unity of the entire Body of Christ in the Spirit. This in turn brings us all closer to Christ.  Love of the saints necessarily includes and leads to love of Christ and to love of the Holy Trinity.

The saints also serve as role models for us, and their lives can serve as guideposts.
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