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Liturgy of the Word for Children


Rosemary Couillou
973-239-3332; scs_ccd@hotmail.com

During summer, parishioners aged 5-10 benefit from this special Liturgy during the Sunday, 9:15am Mass. For eight weeks, our children are led by Leaders of Prayer and Song, from the Upper Church to the Lower Church for age-appropriate Liturgy, comprised of the First Reading, Psalm, Gospel, brief Homily, Creed and Intercessions. The Readings are presented in a simple fashion, and the Homily is a message prepared specifically for this age group. This is a beautiful, simple way to draw our children into the essence of Liturgy, Prayer and Worship of our God.
Co-Leaders are always needed. They are provided with all the necessary materials and required to participate on Sundays for the eight weeks.

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