St. Catherine of Siena Parish, a vibrant Stewardship faith community, models a disciple’s life through the work of over 50 active Ministries which are grouped into 4 CLUSTERS ~ Word, Worship, Service and Community ~ each reflective of a singular mission-focus and resultant activities.

Click on any Cluster Ministry Name and you will be provided with a List of all the Ministry’s in that Cluster, along with a brief description of the Ministry and contact information for each Ministry’s leader.

Whether you seek to avail yourself of a Ministry’s service, offer a reflection or gather information for your discernment of active participation in a Ministry, please contact the appropriate Ministry Leader.  Each is eager to be of service and assistance.

The Mission Statement for each Ministry Cluster, provided below, gives insight into the distinctive mission focus of each:

The Word of God is active and alive.  It carries God’s power, and like a sharp knife, the Word cuts to the heart, inspiring faith, promising forgiveness, and calling to obedient discipleship.  As ministers of the Word cluster, we teach God’s Word to children and adults, in Catholic school and religious education classrooms, in faith sharing groups, and retreats.  We serve in ministry with and for teenagers.  We prepare children and adults for Baptism.  Under the direction of our pastor, and in collaboration with the pastoral staff, we work to rekindle faith and open hearts to a fruitful reception of God’s Word.  Our mission includes evangelization of those who are as of yet without faith, and the re-evangelization of Catholics who have fallen away from active practice of their Faith.  Where there is darkness, we are to bring the Light, where there is doubt, faith.

Those whose hearts have been opened to faith by the proclamation of the Word will seek to nurture that faith by prayer and gather together as a priestly people to offer God worship in the sacred liturgy.  It is the Church’s desire that all the faithful be led to that full, conscious, and active participation in liturgical celebrations called for by the very nature of the liturgy.  We, the members of the cluster of worship ministries are called to foster a prayerful spirit in our parish.  Under the direction of our pastor and in collaboration with the pastoral staff, we prepare the celebrations of the feasts and seasons, bring beauty and order to the physical environment of worship, minister in the liturgical celebrations of the parish, and extend the blessings of the liturgy to the sick at home and in nursing homes.  Whatever must be done to make the sacred liturgy the center of parish life is our mission.

At the Last Supper, Jesus sought to explain the meaning of his actions at the table and on the cross by giving an example of humble service.  He washed the feet of his disciples.  Then he commanded us, “As I have done, so you must do.”  We, the members of the ministries of service, seek to serve as Jesus.   Undertaking the corporal and spiritual works of mercy in the name of the parish, we seek to embody Jesus’ compassion, faithful to his words and example. We are to promote justice and peace as the necessary companions of compassionate action in the proclamation of the gospel.  We work under the direction of our pastor and in collaboration with the pastoral staff.  The poor and the marginalized, children in the womb, the most vulnerable members of society, those who need our help near and far: all these are our mission.  Jesus seeks to use our hands to wash the feet of his children today.

Jesus called his disciples one by one, but then he gathered them into a community.  He taught them how to live together.  He taught them how to love, and during his earthly ministry, he lived and loved with them.  Pouring out his Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, the Risen Lord bonded them in communion with one another and with himself.  The Holy Spirit continues to keep us in unity, always leading us to a deeper love for one another.  We, the members of the ministries that build parish community, take it as our mission to follow Jesus’ example by strengthening the communion that makes us a parish, and to foster the bonds that link us to the larger Church, Christ’s Body.  We envision our parish as a community of communities and seek to build the network of relationships that makes this vision come alive.  Working under the direction of our pastor and in collaboration with the pastoral staff, we seek to do all we can to make this a welcoming community.  We seek likewise by our work to build community in our local area.