Mr. Michael Keegan

Assistant Cantor

With his wife, Kathy, Mike has raised his family here in Cedar Grove, but by himself Mike has stood in front of the people gathered for Mass to lead them in song. Mike is our regular Cantor at the 9:15 Sunday Mass. Could you stand up in front of all those people and sing? Mike finds it a joy.

Mike’s day job is quite different: he works as an IT tech guy. The Keegan’s two children both live here in Cedar Grove, along with his two grandchildren.

Mike comes from a musical family, and his church singing, he says, connects him to his mother and grandfather, both of whom sang in church, as well as in secular settings. And way, way back, his Mom even recorded a record! Mike feels that when he cantors, as well as when he sings in the choir, he is glorifying God by using the talent God gave him.

He’s been doing that for probably 25 of the 29 years he has been in this parish. He started singing early, learned the guitar and played in bands during school years. We’re kind of glad he didn’t end up the rock star he once dreamed of becoming, because then we wouldn’t have the pleasure of his music leading us in the praise of God. Thanks, Mike, for sharing those talents with us.