Dedicated Funds

St. Catherine of Siena Heritage Fund
* Provides the financial resources to better serve the present and future needs of our parishioners
* Donor Choice Categories include:
– Parish Center Construction
– Senior Ministry Adult Faith Formation
– Youth Ministry
– Facilities Improvement

General Fund
* Donations can be made in memory of those who have died, or in honor of a celebratory event (such as a birthday or anniversary). A beautiful acknowledgment card can be sent to the decedent’s family or other honorary recipient.
Memorial Donations
* Donations for specific mass intentions are accepted throughout the year. Please visit the Rectory office to check on available dates.
* Donations for the Sanctuary Lamp, Bread and Wine, and Altar Flowers can be designated in remembrance and/or in honor of an individual or milestone event.

Parish Center Hours

Monday through Friday
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Office is closed
Saturday and Sunday


All visitors are required to wear masks and conduct business through the protective glass window.





If your group is having a meeting
in the evening, please contact
the rectory office before hand
to arrange for a key.