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Heritage Fund Mission Statement:


The mission of the Saint Catherine of Siena Heritage Fund is to provide the financial resources that will enable us to better serve the present and future needs of our parishioners by providing an enhanced level of programs, services and campus facilities. A wide variety of giving opportunities allows parishioners to direct their beyond-Sunday-giving to their particular areas of interest.



What Is The Heritage Fund?


The Heritage Fund is a glimpse into the future of our parish. It is a mechanism to fulfill our dreams, look to the future and realize the possibilities.


In other words, The Heritage Fund will bring us Beyond the Necessary!


We want to be able to enhance the vibrancy and sustainability of our parish by providing a means to accomplish infrastructural and programmatic endeavors that simply cannot be absorbed by the normal weekly collections.


St. Catherine of Siena is already a great parish. Supported by our wonderful clergy and staff we are able to enjoy a rich and wholesome spiritual life. We are blessed with the generosity of our parishioners – both monetarily and through volunteer efforts – who sustain the dynamic community that we all enjoy. It’s now time to take St. Catherine’s to the next level!



The Advancement Team


The Heritage Fund mission is driven by The Advancement Team, a group of dedicated parishioners responsible for identifying programs and services that will take the St. Catherine of Siena parish Beyond the Necessary. This team is responsible for communication of parish priorities, and implementation of the programs and services identified by parishioners. In additional to the use of consultation cards, Advancement Team members are always seeking your advice and welcome the opportunity to talk with you about ongoing projects. The Team members are:


June Brindisi                           Joanne Paonessa

Andy Colannino                     Elaine Robertazzi

Phyllis Epp                              Dina Scanlon

Kevin Moriarty                       Ron Shaljian

Tom O’Haire                           Monsignor Slipe



What Kinds Of Projects Does The Heritage Fund Support?


With your help, through the survey we did in early 2013, The Heritage Fund Advancement Team identified several areas that parishioners have selected as what you would like to see included in campus activities. The top six donor choice categories included:


  • Strengthening our Youth Ministry (i.e., supporting programs and activities for our parish youth)
  • Developing a Lively Senior Ministry (i.e., introducing social programs for our active seniors)
  • Creating an Adult Faith Formation Program (i.e., developing a faith-based book club, scripture study, lecture series or prayer groups)
  • Making Necessary Facilities Improvements (i.e., fixing the bell tower, addressing the outside and church lighting issues)
  • Building a Parish Center – (i.e., converting the convent structure to a true Parish Center that can provide meeting rooms for current and new activities)
  • Providing for a General Fund (i.e., creating a means for unexpected expenditures or new programs)


We are happy to report that progress has been made on many of the above priorities; and all of them are ongoing. Our accomplishments to date include enhanced lighting in the parking and walking areas, repairs to the church façade and bell tower and soon you will see new plantings in the front of the church. The Advancement Team has worked with an architect on developing plans for renovations to the Parish Center. The Society for Seniors was launched in September 2014 and several Adult Faith Formation programs have been offered, including the 10-part Catholicism series.



Your Investment Makes a Difference:


The Heritage Fund is the vehicle by which our “beyond the necessary” parishioner goals will be realized. Thus, your investments in The Heritage Fund will have a direct bearing on actualizing the priorities that have been established through consultation with the parishioners.



How Can I Be A Part Of The Heritage Fund?


Many have been a part already and you can too! The Heritage Fund will be supported through contributions made over and above weekly collections. We ask you to think about ways you can contribute to the Heritage Fund. It could be through an annual donation or a multi-year pledge. You may wish to remember St. Catherine’s through The Heritage Fund in your Will. The Heritage Fund may be an option in lieu of flowers when a family member passes. Or, it may be by supporting fund-raising efforts for The Heritage Fund.


Donations to The Heritage Fund can be made at any time. Perhaps give an initial gift this year…make The Heritage Fund one of our annual “must” donations…or choose to memorialize a loved one or celebrate a singular occasion. It’s up to you. The names of donors who contribute $1,000 or more will be inscribed in the St. Catherine Heritage Fund Donor Registry, which will be displayed in a place of honor in our new Parish Center.


However you are comfortable supporting The Heritage Fund, you will always know all of the contributions given will stay right here at St. Catherine’s, and you may either donate to the General Fund or select an area that is important to you.


Please make your checks payable to: SCS – The Heritage Fund, and mail them to:


SCS – The Heritage Fund

St. Catherine of Siena

339 Pompton Avenue

Cedar Grove, NJ 07009


Please join us in this important endeavor to take St. Catherine of Siena to the next level and bring our parish Beyond the Necessary!

For more information, please e-mail us at: