Mr. Gary Wilczewski

Church Maintenance

What kind of guy are you, Gary? “I’m just an ordinary guy. That’s it.”
“Ordinary” may be the way Gary Wilczewski thinks of himself, but his job is kind of extraordinary.

Gary is in charge of the “maintenance” of the buildings that house our Church, Rectory and the former Convent. He’s the cleaner-upper after we’ve made a mess, the fixer-upper when things are broke, and the general go-to guy when no one knows where we left it ….. whatever “it” might be. “Maintenance” around here is a broad term.

Gary says that his job is a “peaceful” one. “The people are nice here,” he says. He likes the quiet of the Church on a weekday afternoon. “Sometimes you can just sit with your thoughts.” But usually, there’s something else to do before day is done. Remember, Gary is the go-to guy. He likes the fact that he works near home and his commute is now just about zero.

Growing up in Jersey City as one of nine children, Gary says his childhood was a happy one in a good family. He served in the military, later worked in the marine industry and then the auto industry. He enjoys fishing, scuba diving and an occasional (when he can afford it) trip to AC. Years ago, he could never have pictured himself working in a church. “But as you get older, you get smarter,” Gary opines, “or at least you should.”

A parishioner of Saint Catherine’s, Gary is a member of the Knights of Columbus, but (he says with a smile) his greatest claim to fame is that he is the younger brother of none other than Carol Orlando, our parish Pastoral Associate.

Gary’s job is a peaceful one, until, that is, his big sister calls. Then, Gary’s got to move it!