Mrs. Charlotte Leeds

Business Manager

Do you remember the hit TV show of a few years ago, “Numbers?” It had to do with two brothers, one an FBI agent, the other a college professor/math whiz. Each week, Charlie, the math genius, would help his brother solve crime, his friends solve relationship problems, and his father solves home repair puzzles, all by the application of mathematical formulas. He was the Numbers Man.

Well, here at Saint Catherine’s we have our own Numbers Woman, and she untangles more knots with her numbers wizardry than Charlie ever did on TV. Meet Charlotte Leeds, our Parish Business Manager.

Charlotte is the bookkeeper for both Parish and School. She prepares budgets, supplies data for the Parish Finance Council and School Advisory Council, and interfaces with the parish’s external accountant, vendors, and archdiocesan financial people. And she keeps Msgr. Slipe, who is decidedly not a numbers guy, on the straight path, at least financially. In fact, if your involvement with the parish has anything to do with money, you’ll get to know Charlotte. And you will enjoy the experience.

Born in Brooklyn, Charlotte, along with her husband, Tom, moved to Cedar Grove and joined the parish in 1983. They raised their three girls, Kristen, Karen and Jenn, all now in college and beyond, here at St. Catherine’s, where all three girls belonged to Youth Group. Active parish volunteers, Tom made Cornerstone and was on the Pastoral Council, while Charlotte was on the Baptismal Preparation team and ran Kids Club for three years.

Having graduated from Montclair State with a degree in accounting, and with a professional background as a bank auditor, Charlotte made a career change in 1998 and came to work at Saint Catherine’s.

In her spare time, Charlotte loves reading, needlework and scrapbooking, and particularly treasures vacations with the family. Charlotte says that she appreciates how working in the rectory has given her an opportunity to get to know the clergy whom she has come to know in the 13 years she has worked here. From her experience of the inner working of this parish, she says, “I have gotten a deeper and deeper appreciation of what goes on here at St. Catherine’s and all that the parish does for the community.” But when asked what she likes most about the job itself, she shyly asks, “Do I dare say that I love NUMBERS?”